Running a small company can be a challenging job, as it frequently involves organizing large amounts of information and keeping track of various data.
Instead of processing data in an old-fashioned way, it is possible to rely on specialized software, such as Subscription Manager, that can help you achieve better results.
Lightweight application with sleek user interface
This utility comes with a smooth design and intuitive functions that enable you with quick access in an efficient manner.
You can also open a standard configuration menu that allows you to modify basic parameters, such as default database file or product name. Additionally, if necessary, you can specify login credentials, so you do not have to type them each time you access the database.
Easy-to-understand functions and handy documentation
Operating this application can be achieved with minimum difficulty, as it does not feature hidden menus or complicated captions. Furthermore, it comes with an integrated help manual that you can rely on, in case you encounter any issues.
Note that, although its functions are not complicated, you need a certain level of understanding basic economics concepts to operate it to its full extent.
Search or modify entries and perform advanced SQL queries
It is possible to search for entries in a database by accessing the dedicated tab and typing the desired values in the designated boxes. Each entry can be modified in a similar manner, by accessing the Modify tab and adjusting the required parameters.
More so, you can perform SQL queries if you need to retrieve highly specific data or if you want to modify multiple entries at once. Doing so is possible by clicking the Query tab and inputting the desired statement.
To sum it up, Subscription Manager is a lightweight, reliable application that allows you to store and organize your subscribers in a convenient way by providing you with numerous useful functions.







Subscription Manager [Mac/Win]

This utility is the simplest and the most efficient solution for your subscription management needs.
The main benefit of this product is its compact design and the fact that you can quickly log into the database to make changes, without having to look for relevant options.
Comprehensive user interface
Besides, this software comes with a simple design, so you can access all its functions in an easy and a quick manner. To add to that, it also features an instant Start-Up menu that allows you to access the main settings or start a session quickly.
Another neat feature is that it can store a history of your subscription entries, so you can easily trace changes made in the past, even if you made the changes offline or accessed the database at a later date.
Optimized database architecture
This software is powered by an optimized database, so you can store, modify and query a large number of subscription entries. Additionally, you can also export the data in a format that can be easily imported to another database if you need to make changes or if you want to store the subscriptions of multiple websites in the same database.
Provide you with multiple functions and details
This software can perform all the usual functions that would normally require a software with a more elaborate user interface. The best part about this product is the fact that it can perform all those functions, even though its interface is very simple and has limited options.
In summary, this software is very simple, functional, lightweight, convenient and efficient. You can therefore utilize it to your full extent.
Subscription Manager – what does it include:

All these items are provided in a complete package that can be used by all users, regardless of the level of experience they have with subscription management software.
Supplied in a single package
This package contains all the prerequisites that are necessary to install and run this software.
Create a database and start the subscription engine
In order to utilize this software to its full extent, you have to first create a database for storing the data and start the engine for subscription management.
Import subscription details
This software is only useful if you have previously exported the information from your current subscription management software.
Queries database and export
You can perform SQL queries on the database, so you can perform any type of analysis or determine the status of your subscriptions.
Export data in a single file
This software is extremely useful, as you can export all the information in a single file in a very convenient manner.
Modify data in

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●Subscription Manager is a handy application that helps you to organize your subscriber lists in a convenient way. It comes with a clean and easy-to-use interface, so you do not have to spend your time fiddling with confusing options and menus.
●Using this utility you can easily manage lists of subscribers as well as create them from scratch. Furthermore, you can organize the data in a single database or you can use two or more databases in parallel.
●In addition, Subscription Manager is capable of searching through records and extracting the required data in an efficient manner. You can also perform SQL queries to retrieve specific records or sort through an entire database.
●As Subscription Manager is based on a lightweight database engine, you do not have to open other applications in order to use it. All you need to do is to download the latest version and start using it from the moment you open the program.
●The application also allows you to create reports that you can save and share with your colleagues or colleagues, so they can easily access the information. Furthermore, you can perform the same functions with the aid of the built-in spreadsheet.

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12 Mar 2019



Superb Subscription Manager

by: NinjAres

Superb Subscription Manager, a brilliant tool for subscription management!
At a first glance, Superb Subscription Manager can seem like a tool for an intermediate or advanced user. This is due to the fact that the software consists of a wide variety of functionalities that can be found in the product in many other solutions.
Still, those who use this tool more often will notice that it is more than a standard subscription management tool. For example, you can perform a deep search and analyze your database, and you will be able to identify patterns and understand a lot more about your subscribers.
Furthermore, if you are looking for a reliable subscription management solution that can handle many databases and organize many subscriptions in parallel, then you will surely find it in Superb Subscription Manager.
We all need a subscription management tool that can analyze our data, find patterns and extract information in order to obtain great results. Superb Subscription Manager has all of that.

Key Features:
Superb Subscription Manager is based on a lightweight database engine. This is not an issue when you open the application and start using it. You will be able to use Superb Subscription Manager without opening additional applications.

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What's New In Subscription Manager?

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I have searched the web and found the list of deductions from a bank.
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System Requirements For Subscription Manager:

Mac OS X v10.5.8 or later
Windows v7 or later
Microsoft Internet Explorer 7 or later
Java Runtime Environment 6 or later (Mac and Windows)
Mozilla Firefox 2.0 or later
Google Chrome or later
Maximum number of players: 16
Minimum system requirements