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The name says it all. After the programmer and not the machine, Intuwiz G-code Generator is a comprehensive tool for inputting the coordinates of workpieces in numerical coordinates (NC), which are fed into the CNC machinery for the aforementioned processes.
Simple to set up
Despite its user-friendliness, the application is exceptionally easy to set up. Intuwiz G-code Generator is not a complicated program and is easily grasped by novices.
Makes life for machinists easy and enjoyable
Its large tool libraries allow users to craft their desired toolpaths. The application takes its versatility and simplicity to the maximum by integrating a barcode scanner. This allows the system to read the NC barcodes of the workpieces and feature libraries which can be consulted.
New functions come with every new release of Intuwiz G-code Generator
In addition to the update frequency, Intuwiz G-code Generator is also receptive to the demands of its users. The new version’s release has brought new features like CNC programming grids, the integration of a CNC machine library and a barcode scanner.
Additional features:
- Fully capable barcode scanner and library
- High-capacity workpiece and machine library
- Tool library with large parts from leading manufacturers
- Toolpath creation and calibration
- Calculator for weight, thickness and volume
- Allows for multiple project files and simultaneous projects
- Picking and drilling functionality
- Rapid prototyping
- Integration of a flatbed scanner
- Captures detailed information regarding the CNC machinery
- Inclusion of a bitmap library
- Easily customizable: with adjustable zoom, location and quality settings
- Fully customizable workpiece and machine libraries
- Coordinate system: mm, inch, metric
- Integrated CNC machining
- Allows for processing in a variety of mills, grinders and lathes
- Works on all Windows platforms
- Multi-user interface (up to 5 users)

With this application, users can build their own job logs by incorporating settings, materials, and dimensions in a simple interface. A new job can be created easily and it is saved and can be executed at any time with little effort.
Main Features:
- Create a job in one step
- Edit the characteristics of your machine
- Add materials and dimension settings to your job
- Add information about your material and machine to the job log
- Locate a file in the filesystem and

Intuwiz G-code Generator

A set of macros that allow you to quickly generate the entire Macro set.
It is based on an idea to make it as easy as possible to use MacroSet. Since the Macros have to be entered one after the other there is no need for an area for comments.
Also within the MacroSet are the macros for the connection to the machine and the command line.
Here you can choose the machine to run the macros on, you can select the connection of the machine and you can call the command line macros.
Macros can be entered in different ways and you can also select the Macro List from where you want to get the macros from.
NOTE: The Macro Set is not available for all devices. The following devices currently are supported:
Keymacro is written in C#, so the minimum requirement is.NET Framework 4.5.
If you use Macros in your CNC programming, it is possible that an error occurs in the machine and the file is left in a not supported state. This is a very common error and you can solve this error by resetting the device with the following command:
svdcmd -r [-ip /net:] ip-device
Since this is a common error, there is a solution, but it is a little bit complicated.
To prevent this error in the future, you can backup the device file of the cnc machine and can use this file with a new machine.
The following macros are included in this package:
ListMacro - Includes the entire list of all macros in the MacroSet.
This is the most important macro and is the one you have to use when you want to use the Macros.
The first command is the macro name which has to be entered one after the other.
For example:
Then the second argument is the first argument. This macro is a list and can therefore be entered in the format ListMacro.
If there are macros in the list the macros are listed. It is possible that macros which are not in the list are also included.
CursorMacro - The command line which indicates the current input on the machine.
For example:
The input could be a full path.
In this case you have to enter the complete path. In case you want to use more macros you can also enter multiple

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Processing programs or codes dictate the characteristics of a specific operation in a CNC machinery. The parameters of a CNC program or code are defined in an array, which may be either a table or a list of tab-separated values.
Intuwiz G-code Generator promises to bridge the gap between those who prefer programming-free programs and those who prefer direct interaction with their CNC machinery, for instance via G-codes. Easily accessible, Intuwiz G-code Generator features a graphical user interface and easy-to-use tools that will enable you to define CNC codes and toolpaths for virtually all purposes.
What's New in Version 1.1.5:
- Changed default values for parameters: Cut Speed and Feed Rate have been changed from their original values (0.5 mm/rev and 50 mm/min, respectively) to default values used for most operations (3 mm/rev and 45 mm/min, respectively)
- Improved result look in tab with automatic detection of decimal separators and input values
- Performance and memory optimization
- Adjusted small navigation arrows on the panel
- Disabled mousewheel scrolling on panels
- Text and buttons have been adjusted for best readability
- Fixed minor bugs
- Fixed unreadable information in tabs
- Fixed case when sorting did not sort the information
- Fixed cases when toolpath did not show after adding a new profile
- Fixed bug that caused calculator crash when clicking on second calculator button
- Fixed bug that caused error in CNC file when coordinates used
- Fixed bug that prevented saving the generated G-code
- Fixed bug that caused error in G-code if coordinates used with multiples of zero (0.0)
- Fixed bug that prevented saving the generated G-codeQ:

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System Requirements:

OS: Windows 7 64-bit
Processor: 2.0 GHz Core i3
Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTS 450 (2GB) or Radeon HD 6870 (2GB)
DirectX: Version 9.0c
Network: Broadband Internet connection
Storage: 30 GB available space
Sound Card: DirectX compatible
Screen Resolution: 1024 x 768
Additional Notes: Game files can be viewed in any folder or the Documents folder, but