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Peer Messenger is a LAN based peer to peer messenger along the lines of IP Messenger. The goal is to do the same thing IP Messenger does but with a better interface and in .NET.
One of the immediate objectives of the project is to support the IP Messenger protocol as fully as possible so that people who work in environments where IPMsg is used can use Peer Messenger as a drop-in replacement.









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Peer Messenger Free Download is a peer-to-Cracked Peer Messenger With Keygen that works over a local area network and is designed to work with.NET (or any other language). Peer Messenger supports all the features of IP Messenger, including everything from one-to-one messaging to open channels to closed channels. The protocol is fully documented so that users of other systems should not be required to learn anything new to use Peer Messenger.
The.NET client is built using a peer-to-peer design, and makes all data transmissions between peers. Peer Messenger is designed from the ground up to have a fast and efficient implementation. There is no support for any third-party authentication methods (such as CAS or Kerberos).
An important part of Peer Messenger's design is that it uses only message framing, and no supporting protocols. A full TCP/IP stack is not needed to build an application using Peer Messenger. The project is intended to be a library that can be used in a wide variety of applications.
The first release of Peer Messenger was initially based on an early version of Pex, but now uses a custom TCP/IP stack that includes classes for working with WDM drivers and the WinAPI.
Peer Messenger is released under a GNU General Public License (GPL), version 2 or later.What We Do

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KiTNET is an up-to-date collection of popular peer-to-peer projects and useful tools. We intend to maintain the list to have an up-to-date collection of well-working and tested tools and add new ones as they appear. See the README file for a list of current projects and authors.

KiTNET – 'kitten' to Net

"If you want to communicate on the net, you will need a kitten."

This community is for users of the KiTNET peer-to-peer projects to connect with one another. The projects are implemented by the following projects.

KiTNET on Google Code

"KiTNET is an up-to-date collection of popular peer-to-peer projects and useful tools. We intend to maintain the list to have an up-to-date collection of well-working and tested tools and add new ones as they appear. See the README file for a list of current projects and authors."

GitHub is a web-based hosting service for open source projects. People can browse source code, download free software, and report bugs.

GitHub is the best place to find open source software and collaborate on the development of existing projects. Anyone can fork existing projects,

Peer Messenger License Key Full

Peer Messenger is a.NET-based replacement for NetBeez's IP Messenger.


On the wiki there is a download link to the source code, but it needs to be compiled with VS2005

The source code can be compiled with the Visual Studio 2005 compiler.
To be a drop in replacement you need to have a similar transport and routing protocol as IPMsg.
You need to be using the same number of peers.
For more information see the IPMsg protocol specification or the Peer Messenger wiki.

Peer Messenger is currently a very early prototype.
It has only been compiled and tested for the Microsoft Windows platform.
It is planned to be ported to other platforms such as Linux and BeOS.

The following references the the source code.

A - *IP Messenger Information Center*
A - *Peer Messenger Information Center*


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What's New In?

Peer Messenger is a LAN based peer to peer messenger along the lines of IP Messenger. The goal is to do the same thing IP Messenger does but with a better interface and in.NET.

Peer Messenger will be compatible with the original IP Messenger 7.0 and higher versions in order to allow peer-to-peer (P2P) messaging to continue being widely used.

For those who are interested in P2P file sharing, Peer Messenger is the ideal platform for it, providing you with an easy to use, stable, and fast P2P file sharing application.

If you have a P2P application that is compatible with the IPMsg protocol, you should be able to use your existing code with Peer Messenger.

Peer Messenger aims to provide a simple application for peer-to-peer network applications, and we have designed and implemented it as a standalone client. We have thought of its simplicity and elegance, and hope that it can become a necessary program for all of us.

We hope that users of Peer Messenger will be able to provide continuous feedback on its operation.

Getting Started:


The latest version of Peer Messenger is available as a.zip file. Simply unzip it to a folder, and then run the executable.

If you have any questions, feedback, or want to contribute to Peer Messenger, you can always email me, or you can join our irc channel and /join #PeerMessenger.

New Additions and Fixes:

Version 2.5.4:

--Support for Windows 10 versions 1703-1709.

--Fix bug that makes Peer Messenger un-responsive after a long time.

--Fix bug that doesn't allow Peer Messenger to work with more than five clients (currently).

Version 2.5.3:

--Support for Windows 10 versions 1511-1607.

--Fix bug that caused Peer Messenger to crash when you open a file with notepad.

--Fix bug that caused Peer Messenger to crash when the Max message count limit is reached.

--Fix bug that caused Peer Messenger to crash when you use the "File" menu to open a file.

--Fix bug that caused Peer Messenger to crash when you press back to leave the message queue after you click the "File" menu.

--Fix bug that caused Peer Messenger to not close if you leave the Peer Messenger window (i.e., click the X button or close it by pressing Alt-F4).

--Fix bug that caused Peer Messenger to still be running when you press the "Stop" button and exit it.

--Fix bug that caused Peer Messenger to close when you click on the "Start" button.

--Fix bug that caused Peer Messenger to still be running when you click on the "Restart" button


System Requirements:

Min :
• OS : Windows 7/Vista
• CPU : Intel® Core™2 Quad CPU Q6600 @ 2.40GHz or AMD® Athlon™ X2 Dual Core
• Memory : 3 GB RAM
• Screen : 1680 x 1050 pixels or higher
• Graphics : NVIDIA® GeForce® 8800 GT / ATI Radeon® X1950XT
• DirectX : Version 11
• Storage : 2 GB available space
• Network : Broadband Internet connection
Max :
• OS : Windows 7/




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