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PDFCompare was developed as a simple and Open Source that lets you compare PDFs.
If you have two PDF-Files and want to be sure, that they are the same by their content, than this tool might be exactly what you need.


DownloadDOWNLOAD (Mirror #1)

DownloadDOWNLOAD (Mirror #1)






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"PDFCompare is a free open source tool which is aimed at making the comparison of two or more PDFs as simple as possible.

"PDFCompare is fully multi-platform (Windows, Linux, OS X and various Unix like systems) and can run on a desktop or laptop. This tool can be used in any application which supports file comparison as it does not depend on any third party tools like Acrobat Reader."


"TrialVersion is the early release version of PDFCompare. It is free to download, use and distribute for 30 days. After the 30 days, you need to purchase a license if you wish to use it longer. But there is no need for you to do that, since a good number of users will already use the TrialVersion and keep coming back."

Version 1.0.1

"Version 1.0.1 is a bugfix release."

Version 1.0

"Version 1.0 is the first stable release of PDFCompare."

"If you find bugs or have a question about PDFCompare, please use the "Issues" section of the project on SourceForge.net." is a very important factor. But there are many things that happen in a company and in life that doesn’t have anything to do with the company as well as with the team.

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compare the two PDF-Files by checking their XML-Metadata and the Page-Metadata.

Image Viewer is an Open Source, simple and fast tool for viewing and editing PDF files.
Just start it and enter your pdf-file.
That's it!

PDFstash is an Open Source PDF-Comparison Tool for Windows, Linux and MacOS.
You can compare different PDF documents.
You can compare PDFs one-by-one or you can combine multiple PDFs into one big PDF.

PDFStarter is a Windows Open Source application that is used for comparison and content analysis of PDF documents. It can be used to perform a free-of-charge analysis of PDF documents, to add the scanned documents to the database and finally to save the results to either a file or the Clipboard. PDFStarter supports several methods of comparison including the Page-by-page, Files-by-Files, Form-by-Form, Text-by-Text, Search-by-Keyword and PDF Stacks analysis.

PDFkit is a free Open Source library for printing, viewing and manipulating PDF files on the command line. It was designed to be highly portable and to be extremely simple to use. PDFkit does not depend on any extra libraries. It uses a simple and robust command line interface that allows you to quickly open, view and manipulate your PDF files.

PDFCompare is a Free Open Source utility to compare two PDF files. It supports more advanced comparison features than the standard PDFToolkit. It can compare entire folders of PDF files, compare contents, compare the pages, compare the annotations, compare the form fields, compare the pages or compare the files.

PDFCloner is a Free, Open Source Software for comparison and merging of PDF documents. It was designed to be simple, flexible and to be easily customized. PDFCloner is used to compare PDF documents and to merge multiple PDF documents into a single PDF. PDFCloner has a built-in PDFMerger and the merging of PDFs can be done in a simple and safe way.Unbekannte stahlen eine ehemalige Hausnummer 18, einen Grundstein von Baummeistereien von späten 19.Jahrhundert in der Wiedergänge-Straße von St. Georg.

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PDFCompare Crack + Serial Key Free Download [Latest]

PDF Compare is an Open Source command line tool to compare two PDF-Files or one PDF-File with one or more Text-Formats.

In the following article you will find a complete overview of some PDF-Tools.

Common PDF-Tools

HowtoCompare PDF Files with PDF Compare

There are quite a few tools available to compare PDF-Files. For example:

PDF Compare

PDF Compare is a simple and Open Source command line tool to compare PDF-Files. PDF Compare can read a text-format of a PDF-File and check if it is equal to an other text-format of a second PDF-File.

The program basically compares two PDF-Files and show differences in realtime. This is done by using a diff-style (UCS2-Text).


The Program is a pure command line program. Therefore, it is important, that your PATH-Variable is set to include the folder, where the program is located. Otherwise the Program will not be found by your command line-shell.

You have to download the latest program-version from the downloads-page. Download the zip-File and use the command line of your Linux (or Windows) to unzip the downloaded ZIP-File.

Use the command line:

sudo apt-get install pdfcompare

The Program is currently tested on Ubuntu and Linux Mint.



Added the command line option -r which can be used to compare a selected range of pages instead of the full PDF-File



Fixed a bug that made the Comparison-Output not work correctly on non-UTF8-Unicode systems.


Fixed a Bug in the Program that made the PDF Compare-Command not working.


Fixed a Bug that made the program not working for Unicode-Encoded PDF-Files.


Added the option -e to set an Encryption-Object.


Fixed a bug, that made the program not work for PDF-Files with more than 1024 pages.


Fixed a Bug, that made the program not working for PDF-Files with a lot of non-English Characters.

What's New in the PDFCompare?

Current version 1.0.1 (Current beta).


Find common points and differences in the PDF-Pages
Find most important differences
Find similarities and common items in both PDF-Files

Easy and quick:

Lets you find differences quickly
Find the most important differences in both PDF-Files

Works also without an internet connection (Offline Mode)

How to use:

Open the PDFs and save them as a jpg, jpeg or png

Open the program and load the PDF-Files

From the "Tools"-Menu, choose "compare".

A new window opens, where you can choose between the following features:

Find most important differences
Find common points and differences in the PDF-Pages

To open the new window, click "Default-Compare-Features"

Save and exit the program.


* System requirements are described in the dropdown menu of the Program-Window

* Permission to use this software is given in our "LICENSE.TXT" document, which you can find inside the.zip-file.
* The Program may be used free of charge and can be distributed and sold. It may also be used for non-commercial purposes.
* The Program is distributed "AS IS", without any warranty.
* The Program is not guaranteed to be compatible with any future versions of Windows.
* You will receive a new window from time to time, when a new update has been released.

* See also "Readme.txt" inside the.zip-file.

Any questions, just write a mail to the addresses:


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